Are these courses for everyone?

No! These practical step-by-step courses are designed specifically for Professionals and Volunteers who work specifically with marginalized young people such as School Leaders, Teachers & Support Staff, Youth Justice Workers, Social Workers, Residential Care Providers, Foster Carers, Child Safety Officers, Police and the like.  These courses are for those who want to become outstanding leaders in the field of youth marginalization and to positively affect the lives of marginalized young people.  Not everyone will make a good leader in this field – it’s not for people who are not prepared to examine their own principles and practices as professionals or those who are not willing to learn and try things differently. Nor is it for people who like to give advice, tell people what to do, take on the problems of young people or force others to do things their way! People who will achieve the learning outcomes will mostly be positive, open minded, and most importantly are genuinely committed to helping marginalized young people. If this is you………then yes these courses are for you…so REGISTER for a course and start MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

How will my youth organization, agency or school benefit?

* Most 1 day courses cost at least 600+ travel + FOOD + ACCOMMODATION. These courses and conferences are rarely 100% relevant…and you either don’t implement everything (or you forget most of it within a few weeks!) This training is 100% relevant and you’ll implement everything as you go – with no time out of school or workplace!

Human Flourishing Academy course fees range from $1997 ($US) to $14997 ($US) for skills which will CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORK, THINK & TROUBLESHOOT FOREVER with MARGINALIZED YOUNG PEOPLE, so it’s far better value for you.

…And your investment will easily repay itself in IMPACT within the next year.

DRIVEN BY THE OUTCOMES OF THESE COURSES, ALL ASPECTS OF IMPROVEMENT WILL BE MADE BY YOUR ORGANIZATION, AGENCY OR SCHOOL! — You’ll be able to apply WHAT YOU LEARN IN THESE COURSES in improving LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT, ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUNG PEOPLE, (TEACHING & LEARNING & STUDENT PROGRESS FOR SCHOOLS), BEHAVIOR (BOTH IN SCHOOLS AND IN THE COMMUNITY)…the list is endless. You’ll be able to assist YOUR colleagues on what’s relevant to the organization and your School (Organization or Agencies) Improvement Priorities, so your workplace can work more effectively with marginalized young people. (And you’ll notice your colleagues becoming far more confident, motivated, empowered…and a whole lot happier along the way as they accomplish seemingly insurmountable goals when they work with young people!) What you learn in the courses can also impact positively on your life beyond your workplace (school, organization or agency) making a huge contribution to staff, young people and community well being.

IT’LL SAVE YOU MONEY! — This strategy could help your school, youth organization or agency to:
(a) Reduce sickness, absence and the number of staff leaving.  (b) Stop wasting money on lots of different initiatives. (Use this strategy to drive all aspects of your workplace (school, youth organization or agency) improvement!) (c) improve engagement and outcomes with marginalized students.

…So the question isn’t “Can you afford to do this?”, it’s “Can you afford NOT to do this?”

What is the difference between Courses?

The higher priced courses give you more knowledge, skills and help you to apply what you learn to your workplace to improve the engagement and outcomes of marginalized young people. (Please go to the “COURSE CATALOGUE” menu & click on the course titles to see exactly what’s included in each course)

BONUS MASTERMIND SUPPORT also gives you a few extras such as:

* Regular Support & Accountability Calls to keep you on track through 20 X 1 Hour  1:1 Skype Sessions & Unlimited Emails with Dr Carol Schultz.

* Exclusive DISCOUNTS off products and services.

When does the Course Start and Finish?

You can start as soon as you purchase the course and you’ll have up to a year to complete it. Modules and Chapters are completed in a step by step manner. Modules and chapters are released to you every 7 days. This strategy ensures that your learning is applied to your workplace as you spend time completing all aspects of the module (templates and quizzes). Those people on payment plans will receive a Chapter (for the comprehensive courses) or Module (for other courses) each month after payment has been processed.

COURSES HAVE NO ‘USE BY’ DATE — Unlike OTHER courses, frameworks and MODELS this new, evidence-based MODEL for working with marginalized young people is NOT a ‘fad’ – and it has no use-by date! When you’ve learned this evidence-based system you’ll have a better way of working AND skills for LIFE. You’ll also be able to make far more impact, far more quickly! (15 minutes – or even less!)

What does the course include?

The courses are divided into modules. Each module contains units (or lessons) in bite-size chunks. The Comprehensive Courses include Chapters that are divided into modules and bonus resources. These comprise a selection of videos plus downloadable resources, quizzes and surveys – absolutely everything you need to become an outstanding professional who works with marginalized young people in the education, community and government sectors.

How long is each video?

Many people lose concentration after about 15-20 minutes therefore all videos are short! They range from around 30 seconds to just under 10 minutes. You’ll see the exact duration next to the unit title so that you know exactly how long it takes before you click into it.

How long does it take to complete the course?

This depends on the course. For example, it’s about 4 hours to complete ‘The Secret Ingredient for Working with Marginalized Young People” Course and 25 hours to complete the more Comprehensive Courses such as “Educating Marginalized Students: How to implement a Continuum of Education that meets the needs of these students”. You’ll see the approximate time in the module’s page. – You can work through it at your own speed and either “blitz it” in a few days or pace yourself up to 1 year.  It really depends on how quickly you want to progress and how effective you want to be! Dr Carol Schultz recommends that you schedule a regular time slot for this training so that your skills and learning are embedded effectively. Each course requires completion of downloadable templates. These templates must be completed to ensure your learning has been applied to your workplace.

How do I know what I’ve completed?

Completed units are marked as completed when you finish the task (eg. watching the video, completing the quiz). This way you can quickly see where you’re up to and what’s coming up next.

Does the order of completion matter?

Yes! — Courses are carefully designed to ensure that you develop the skills in the correct order to optimize your learning and development. Once you’ve completed units you can jump around or dip back in to refresh yourself & deepen your knowledge.

Will I get a Certificate of Completion?

Yes – All Human Flourishing Academy students receive a certificate for completing the course. This certificate can be downloaded on the completion of the course.

Do I need anything else to get started?

No. All courses contain absolutely everything that you need.

How do I get started?

Simply go to the Course Catalogue and buy the Course. You will be taken to a student enrollment page where you will be asked to complete your enrollment details.

What happens if I get stuck?

Ask for help! Click Support and submit a request & Dr Carol Schultz will respond within 48 hours. VIP members can also access phone support by calling our office.

What payment methods are accepted?

For individuals, we accept all major debit & credit cards via STRIPE. Schools & other Organizations can request an invoice to pay by bank transfer.

Do you offer any refunds?

Yes – if you have not logged in you can cancel your order and request a refund within 7 days without giving any reason. After this (or if you have logged in) there are no refunds, so please enroll in the  FREE COURSE if you’re not sure these courses are for you!

I’ve forgotten my password – how do I reset it?

Click “Sign In” & then click the “Lost your password?” link & follow the instructions.

Are the courses relevant in different countries?

Yes – whilst education systems, youth organizations and government agencies may be different in different countries we’ve found that world-wide those who work with marginalized young people have similar challenges.  We do recommend English-speaking countries as that’s the language the course is presented in.

Can I train other people or share the resources?

No! …The Human Flourishing Academy Courses train you to work within the niche area of youth marginalization; they DO NOT to train you to train others! (We do have a separate course for that if you meet The Human Flourishing Academy’s criteria). All courses and materials are provided for YOUR use in YOUR professional or volunteer work. (You may NOT share, edit, reproduce, distribute these materials, or use them to train other people, so if you’d like more of your colleagues trained, please register them for this training). Please note: legal action is taken against anyone who breaches copyright – Not only is this illegal and immoral, but penalties may include fines and imprisonment. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND INTEGRITY.

I know it works for others but what if it doesn’t work for me?

As long as you work through the steps and implement everything correctly what you learn WILL work for you – that’s 100% guaranteed! Not only will you get LIFE-CHANGING skills, you’ll also notice big changes in your personal and work life. And you’ll probably see an improvement in the engagement and outcomes of the young people that you work with.